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Would you like to generate instant green energy for your home
without the expense of a full solar installation?

How about reducing your fuel bills
by being less reliant on power supplied by your energy provider?

You’re just a click away from making it all possible.

Pluginsolarpanels is a new  product developed specifically for those who would like to make more use of renewable energy from the sun without the considerable cost of installing a large solar system.

The big advantage of using Pluginsolarpanels is that you can easily install them yourself on any small roof space, shed, greenhouse and garage, and they can even be mounted free-standing.

As the units are modular and pluggable, you can choose the size and quantity for the space available, and the system can be extended at any time.

Pluginsolarpanels, like all of our products, are MCS approved. If you buy four or more panels and the installation is fully fitted and registered by our company, it would be eligible for the Government’s Feed In Tariff (FIT) scheme and would receive the financial incentive payment available at the time.

(DIY self-fitted systems are not eligible for the FIT Scheme)


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